Creating a viral advertising campaign: Jennifer Aniston sex tape

No my account hasn’t been hacked by porn posting internet trolls. This is the latest big budget, and when I say big I mean BIG budget, internet advertising campaign from Smart Water.

Jennifer Aniston hosts this mockumentary style video giving us an “inside view” of creating the viral campaign to end all viral campaigns. Taking memorable moments from youTube hits from the past 12 months, it both teases the genre and gives it exactly what it wants: Puppies, rainbows, dancing babies and even a guy being kicked in the crotch. (Sorry if that spoils the video for you.)

The master stroke, also discussed in the video, the decision to entitle it “Jennifer Anniston Sex Tape.” Although it rubs the risks of alienating conservatives out there, it does exactly what it sets out to do; Gets people talking. The video is quite well produced, its entertaining and gets the brand across, but had it been called “Jennifer Anniston’s Smart Water Video.” I wouldn’t be writing about it and neither would the 100’s of newspapers and blogs across the world. In fact right now if you google the title you would be hard pressed to find the companies website through the 1000s of news articles that are listed.

I think its a brilliant strategy, I had never heard of Smart Water, and here I am writing about it. Spreading the brand.

Imaging what your company could do with this sort of publicity? I know we don’t necessarily have the same budgets, but the ideas behind it, while brilliant, are not that difficult to replicate or surpass. Think about how you could create a viral campaign!!