Hi, My names Matt and I make websites for actors.

On top of that I have started this blog which is aimed at Australian Actors. There is so much information out there on the internet at the moment for actors, however most of it is American, and while their industry seems very similar to ours there are as many differences.

For instange in Australia should you send a casting director a postcard of your headshot every month? Possibly not.

These are the kind of ideas that we will be exploring here. I will also delve into the idea of Marketing for actors. What simple marketing techniques can we apply to our careers? Personal brand management, what is it and how can it be used by an actor. Leveraging social media like facebook and twitter to help us in our careers, not just  to keep up on gossip.

So I hope you find what I am about to embark on interesting, informative and entertaining.

Please… PLEASE leave comments with ideas for articles, comments and even more if you disagree with what I am saying, would be great to get a debate started.

Cheers, Matt.