Dr Zhivago the Musical – Coming to Australia. All the info I can find – updated

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Lucy Maunder and Anthony Warlow

So recently announced, completely out of the blue, are auditions for a new musical based on the Boris Pasternak novel Dr Zhivago.

Thought I would add some new information:

The cast has been announced and it is as follows:

Anthony Warlow – Yurii Zhivago,
Lucy Maunder – Lara,
Taneel Van Zyl – Tonia,
Martin Crewes – Pasha,
Peter Carroll – Alexander,
Bartholomew John – Komarovsky,
and Trisha Noble – Anna,

Johanna Allen, Gavin D Andrew, Anton Berezin, Caitlin Berry, Tony Cogin, Mischana Dellora-Cornish, Tony Farrell, Todd Goddard, Natalie Gamsu, Frank Hansen, Scott Hili, Glenn Hill, Luke Joslin, Todd Keys, Elise McCann, Kathleen Moore, Shaun Murphy, Chris Scalzo, Stephanie Silcock, Annie Stanford, Belinda Wollaston and Jamie Ward.

It open on Feb 11th 2011 at the Lyric in Sydney and booking can be made at ticketmaster

Not being able to find out much about it, and with the Dr Zhivago website down at the moment I thought I would compile as much information as I could find. (more…)