Some more branding for actors.

After my last article I thought I would continue to talk about branding for actors. One thing that I think I failed to mention in my last post is that it is not about pretending to be something else, being fake or choosing what you are going to portray. It’s about finding out who you truly are, playing to that, and letting your natural personality do the work for you. In a word, your ‘essence.’
Work out who you are, and what your essence is. What are your strengths? What makes you unique? What are you going to bring to this production that no one else can? A huge part of marketing for actors is just that.  If you can walk into an audition room, and have already answered those questions, coupled with adequate preparation, you will already feel much more at ease and seem more comfortable and confident with what you are offering. You also take the pressure off the casting team, if you have worked out where you fit and what you can offer, they don’t need to do it. After all you are asking them to buy your product. You need to know exactly what your product is, why they need it and do it with confidence.

So this is the start of branding, being comfortable in your brand, owning your brand. It will allow you to shine through, giving you the best possible chance to be cast in something that you are truly right for, can excel at, and hopefully will lead on to bigger things.

Matt Edwards

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