Creating a viral advertising campaign: Jennifer Aniston sex tape

No my account hasn’t been hacked by porn posting internet trolls. This is the latest big budget, and when I say big I mean BIG budget, internet advertising campaign from Smart Water.

Jennifer Aniston hosts this mockumentary style video giving us an “inside view” of creating the viral campaign to end all viral campaigns. Taking memorable moments from youTube hits from the past 12 months, it both teases the genre and gives it exactly what it wants: Puppies, rainbows, dancing babies and even a guy being kicked in the crotch. (Sorry if that spoils the video for you.)

The master stroke, also discussed in the video, the decision to entitle it “Jennifer Anniston Sex Tape.” Although it rubs the risks of alienating conservatives out there, it does exactly what it sets out to do; Gets people talking. The video is quite well produced, its entertaining and gets the brand across, but had it been called “Jennifer Anniston’s Smart Water Video.” I wouldn’t be writing about it and neither would the 100’s of newspapers and blogs across the world. In fact right now if you google the title you would be hard pressed to find the companies website through the 1000s of news articles that are listed.

I think its a brilliant strategy, I had never heard of Smart Water, and here I am writing about it. Spreading the brand.

Imaging what your company could do with this sort of publicity? I know we don’t necessarily have the same budgets, but the ideas behind it, while brilliant, are not that difficult to replicate or surpass. Think about how you could create a viral campaign!!



WordPress- A video overview for actors websites

The content on a website is really the most important part, because of this I now use wordpress for all of my actors websites. It allows actors to quickly and easily update everything, from the text, resume, photos, audio and video.

Rather than trying to describe how it works, I have put together this short screencast of me using wordpress to update the emptyhead website.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions just drop me an email:

What motivates us to succeed?? A great video.

Having never actually seen Tony Robbins work before, I kind of dismissed him as something like a cult leader. This is a really interesting video from TED – ideas worth spreading, about what motivates us to succeed. I really enjoyed it. Hope you do.

Online tools you’re probably not using: Instapaper

Today I’m going to talk about a great tool for collecting articles from the web.
Instapaper –

The tag line for instapaper is “A simple tool to save web pages for reading later” and that pretty much sums up exactly what it does. A very simple premise, although I am sure there are some very difficult technical things going on behind the scenes, but to actual use it is incredibly simple.

There are two reasons you might use instapaper:

Firstly if you want to save an article to come back to or to be able to easily refer to later. Then this is the service for you. Apart from just saving articles it allows you to create folders to organise them instead of deleting read items it archives them so if you need to find something later its still there.

The second reason is that often reading on the internet is annoying. There are ads everywhere and sites like for instance break up there articles over several pages, so you keep having to click “read more” and load another page just to get to the end of the article. Instapaper tries to get around these issues.

Once you have set up a free account with instapaper it prompts you to drag a link up into your browsers menu bar. This has your own personalised piece of code that is used to save articles to your account. Thats all you need to do in terms of set up and you are ready to use the service.

Then when you are reading an article that you want to save for later you just click the “read later” button and all of the text and images from the article are saved while the rest is left behind.

You can then log into your account and you have all of your saved articles in plain black and white reading for reading. It also allows you to read the articles in their original form on the sites they came from if you would like. The site also has great iPhone and iPad apps which download all the articles for offline reading. I have this is perfect if you are traveling. Board the plane, fire up your iPad and you have you own newspaper put together of articles you have chosen to read.

Another interesting service that the site has added recently is the ability to browse popular articles that have been sent to the service by a large number of people, they can be browsed by subject and there are some truly amazing articles to enjoy.

I first wrote this article for and can be found here:
Online tools you’re probably not using, part 1 of 3: Instapaper..

Matt’s Murmurs – Heading to

Starting next week I will also be writing a blog on entitled Matt’s Murmurs.

It will basically be my feelings on the industry, the business side of acting and technology that I think will be useful for actors.

My first post I think is going to be about successfully using twitter as an actor.


Some more branding for actors.

After my last article I thought I would continue to talk about branding for actors. One thing that I think I failed to mention in my last post is that it is not about pretending to be something else, being fake or choosing what you are going to portray. It’s about finding out who you truly are, playing to that, and letting your natural personality do the work for you. In a word, your ‘essence.’
Work out who you are, and what your essence is. What are your strengths? What makes you unique? What are you going to bring to this production that no one else can? A huge part of marketing for actors is just that.  If you can walk into an audition room, and have already answered those questions, coupled with adequate preparation, you will already feel much more at ease and seem more comfortable and confident with what you are offering. You also take the pressure off the casting team, if you have worked out where you fit and what you can offer, they don’t need to do it. After all you are asking them to buy your product. You need to know exactly what your product is, why they need it and do it with confidence.

So this is the start of branding, being comfortable in your brand, owning your brand. It will allow you to shine through, giving you the best possible chance to be cast in something that you are truly right for, can excel at, and hopefully will lead on to bigger things.

Matt Edwards

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Intro to personal branding

As actors we are our own small businesses, we are in charge of our careers, their direction and inevitably their success and failure. Many people will probably disagree with that statement “The industry is luck” or “Right place, right time,” but isn’t it nicer to think that you have some control over what is happening, rather than being a bottle tossed around at the whim of the industry. I think that taking some ownership and responsibility for your career and being proactive about its direction is incredibly powerful. We have advisors, agents and mentors, but the final say is up to you. Just simply for your peace of mind, your career can live and die by your own decisions. (more…)


Hi, My names Matt and I make websites for actors.

On top of that I have started this blog which is aimed at Australian Actors. There is so much information out there on the internet at the moment for actors, however most of it is American, and while their industry seems very similar to ours there are as many differences. (more…)